The Faits, Evan & Laura, Photography, Peoria, Bloomington

The Faits are a Peoria and Bloomington Illinois, and beyond, Wedding and Portrait Photography corporation, seeking to provide exceptional photography to their clients.


Who are The Faits?

In 2007, Evan & Laura were high school sweethearts. Evan introduced Laura to photography, a passion that continued in both of them even after their break up. While Evan was traveling the United States shooting architectural & commercial photography, Laura began training as a wedding and portrait photographer. The two stayed friends over the years, with Evan encouraging Laura to pursue a career in photography. When Laura needed help with a wedding in 2013, Evan agreed to offer his skills. Something about being around a wedding and each other rekindled the old romance. They each knew there was no one they would rather have by their side, so they combined their skills and passions to create a powerful and unique wedding photography team. 

Together they enjoy comic books, video games, playing with their husky mix Balto, and cooking.

They were married on April 1, 2017.