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Four Tips for the Perfect First Kiss

Four Tips for the Perfect First Kiss

It’s not unusual for clients to ask us how they can look their best in their pictures. While the positioning of a pose or a quick change in posture can make a huge difference, it is often one of the most overlooked areas that can make an image beautiful or one to delete: the kiss! If you were never too nervous to ask or thought it might be awkward, here’s everything you need to know about having the perfect pucker. 

1. Get Close.

You would be surprised how much distance can be between a couple at times! Maybe it’s the nerves from being in front of a camera or the potential awkwardness of kissing in front of your families, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, those people already know that you love each other, so don’t sweat it. The closer your bodies are in an image, the closer you will look as a couple. It’s simple body language. 

2. Slow Down...

This especially applies to the first kiss. We know you want to get to the reception and party, but think about it: this is your first kiss as a married couple! Take a second to just breathe and enjoy the moment, both before and after kissing. In fact, some of the best first kiss images come from these little pauses. Don’t believe us? Check these out.

Don’t be afraid to go back for seconds, either. It can be really cute with a bride or groom has to sneak in just one more kiss before turning to face their families. It’s your wedding day: you have permission to get caught up in the moment!

3. …But Don’t Go Too Crazy.

This one almost goes without saying. You’ve probably seen a kiss that got, well, a little too passionate. In all reality, couples with “intense” kisses are pretty few and far between (We can only think of ONE out of all of the weddings we have been to and photographed!) but it is something to be aware of. Afraid of being that couple? The next step is for you!

4. Practice!

For most couples, their first kiss isn’t at the altar after saying their vows, which works in your favor in this case. Don’t be afraid to practice some photogenic kisses with your significant other. This is part of why an engagement session is included in each of our package options. Not only do we get to know each other better, but you can make sure that your first kiss will be picture perfect. 

What are you waiting for? Grab some lip balm or a breath mint and get to it!